Chau Minh Pham

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Hi there! My name is Chau Pham (she/her). I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at UMass Amherst, where I am advised by Professor Mohit Iyyer in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab. My research interest is broadly in developing NLP techniques for narrative generation and understanding.

Previously, I graduated from Colgate University, where I was advised by Professor Joel Sommers. I spent most of my undergraduate years working on statistical test visualization apps at the Data Science Collaboratory. I also worked briefly on AI harm anticipation at Microsoft Research (FATE) and COVID-19 emotion analysis in the CRA-WP DREU program.

In my free time, I enjoy powerlifting, reading/listening to audiobooks, and cooking experimentally.


AHA!: Facilitating AI Impact Assessment by Generating Examples of Harms
Zana Buçinca, Chau Minh Pham, Maurice Jakesch, Marco Tulio Ribeiro, Alexandra Olteanu, Saleema Amershi
arXiv 2023

Emotion analysis and detection during COVID-19
Tiberiu Sosea*, Chau Pham*, Alexander Tekle, Cornelia Caragea, Junyi Jessy Li
International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), 2022

Revisiting the Constancy of Internet Delay Properties
Lily Davisson*, Joakim Jakovleski*, Nhiem Ngo*, Chau Pham*, Joel Sommers
Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA), 2021
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